Still There

Still There tells the story of Karl, the lone keeper of the Bento space lighthouse. It's a sci-fi point-and-click adventure into space station management, mysterious radio messages, motherfucking AIs, sociopathic people in charge, lost families, and finding one's true self in a galaxy way too far, far away.

Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch
Release: End 2019


Ghostshark Games is a development studio founded in Rome by talented and experienced developers sharing their passion for games. Our uppermost project is Blockstorm, an online multiplayer FPS set in a world made of destructible blocks.

Demigiant is a secretive gamedev (Daniele Giardini) and comic artist, who writes, draws, codes, designs and does UI stuff for games. He also develops tools for game engines, among which the dialogue engine we're using in Still There (Outspoken) and a Unity animation engine (DOTween).

La boîte is a "thinking workshop" whose core business is the conception of contents, concepts, innovative systems and the related characterization of multimedia projects via a unique and distinctive style. In its affair with the entertainment industry La Boîte’s approach is playful and lighthearted. We often combine recreational elements and advertising in order to produce the most engaging and interactive result possible.


Domenico Barbieri


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