RoboQuest is an action-packed futureworld 1-player or 2-players co-op FPS game with roguelite mechanics that puts you in the steel shoes of a battle robot on a mission to save humanity.

In a distant future, the last remaining haven of humankind is a high-tech AI-driven city protected by cold-blooded killer robots. Fight increasingly sophisticated opponents and learn how to dodge their attacks as you advance through the cleverly constructed procedural levels.

Find unique, game-changing upgrades along the way, and when you die, upgrade your basecamp to dive further into the game world on the next run.

Your goal: make the futuristic city a safe home for humanity.

Plateform : PC


RyseUp Studios is a lively team of supernaturally skilled game developers creating original IPs and providing world class outsourcing services to game studios and schools. Founded by a young and fiercely dedicated team, Ryse Up Studios wants to change the world with amazing games. Or at least make it more fun.
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Key Features

● FPS with fast-paced ‘push forward’ combat
● Single player or 2-player co-op
● Permadeath
● Challenging difficulty
● Advanced organic-style procedural levels
● Multiple character classes
● Numerous handcrafted weapons
● Playstyle affects upgrades
● Vibrant and engaging futureworld to discover