Make waves sing! oQo is a soothing puzzle platformer.
Create various waves and ride them, move from one to another as they blossom and vanish.
Draw ephemeral and hypnotic paths and let the world's appeasing music carry you along your spiritual quest.

Plateform : PC & Nintendo Switch


Lance (lancedesign.co) is an independant game studio founded by Maxime Vican (Programming) and Florent Réfrégé (Level Design, 2D Art), two friends from Toulouse, France. Their approach is to create simple and rich game systems serving original and universal experiences. oQo is made in collaboration with 3-50 (3-50.net), a one-man studio run by Grhyll (Sound, Marketing, Technical Art) from the countryside of the Tarn-et-Garonne, France.


Grégoire Jandot dit Danjou

Phone: +33 6 85 23 35 23

Email: contact@oqogame.com

Game Website

Developer Quote

“We’ve been refining this demo for more than a year,” said Maxime Vican, CEO of Lance, “it has come a long way since the first prototype, and the care we’ve put in it really shows!”

Lance will be at Gamescom to showcase the latest demo of the game in the Indie Garden where it earned a spot by winning the Best Game of the Show Award at Indie Garden Assembly in Valenciennes on February 2018.

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