CHOP is a fast-paced arena fighting game with a twist : your goal is not to have the highest kill count but to escape the arena through a portal. Think of Towerfall on steroids. Make it extra gore, wrap it up in a comic book art style, add a unique gameplay twist and you get CHOP.

Platform: PC, Mac & Linux
Release: Steam's Early Access on August 28th.


Claws Up Games is an independant game studio founded by two french dudes. We love beer, couch games and silly gory stuff.

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Key Features

● 1-4 players multiplayer mayhem
● 4 special abilities to choose from
● Glorious dismemberments
● Cinematic executions
● Various and unique arenas
● Strong comic book vibe


CHOP offers a pure local multiplayer experience, halfway between party games and competitive fighting games.
With a one-hit kill mechanic and instant respawn, CHOP is accessible in its gameplay while offering a really strategic dimension.

CHOP really stands out from other couch games through its flagship game mode : Rush Out.

When you slaughter an opponent, your portal opens : your goal is to escape through it. If you get killed before, it closes and you have to kill again. Once you've reached it, you have to wait a short moment to be pulled out of the arena. You can't defend yourself and can get killed during this crucial instant.

This is what makes battles in CHOP so intense : just watch your friend go crazy because he got killed and missed his chance to score just 1 ms before leaving the arena !

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