The once peaceful town of Hamsterdam is in danger! The vile chinchilla Marlo and his Vermin Gang are wreaking havoc and terrorizing the town. Enter our hamster hero, Pimm, who must harness his mightiest martial arts powers and kick tail through district after district, on a heart-pounding journey to take down the Vermin Gang, save his grandfather, and restore peace to Hamsterdam.

Platform: Nintendo Switch™, PS Vita™, Android, iOS, PC
Release: Spring 2019


Muse Gamesis an indie studio in NYC focused on co-op and AI. Our projects include the award-winning and best-selling team-based airship combat series Guns of Icarus and the App Store Game of the Week CreaVures. Currently, we are training a hamster against the vermin that have taken over Hamsterdam, exploring a desolate but spiritual planet, and playing with fire, irreverently.


Howard Tsao

Email: marketing@musegames.com

Key Features

● Gestural controls
● Rhythm game mechanics
● 3D fighting animations
● Hamster-style kung fu (aka Hamster-fu)
● Earn and equip new gear
● Idiosyncratic story and setting


Hamsterdam is a game where rhythm & precision meets some good old fashioned button mashing. With classic arcade brawling mechanics and martial arts combos, the power of Hamster-fu is in your paws! Making the best of each platform Hamsterdam is due to release on, you fight by by tapping, swiping, mashing buttons, or even your keyboard, in order to perform devastating combos and counter against enemy attacks. Save grandpa, save the town!

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