Indie Garden Exhibitions

Hello indiedev, we are proud to announce on this page the next exhibitions of INDIE GARDEN showing your games on the biggest videogame shows! We focus on very talented indie developers and give them a chance to showcase their games to the top journalists and influencers in the industry and find a new audience for their promising titles. INDIE GARDEN is a brand created by the company Events For Games.

Feel free to contact us for any additional details about this shows and the booth. Click on the Read More... links under the images for more details. You will find a form to submit your game. We can't wait to support your great games on these shows and more to come. Cheers!

The next exhibitions

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Evry Games City 3

SOUMISSION DES JEUX OUVERTE JUSQU’AU: 27/02/2017 sur ce formulaire :

Indies Games City est un grand concours visant à récompenser le meilleur projet indépendant « Made in France », et de lui offrir les meilleures chances de percer à l’international. Les inscriptions sont ouvertes à tous les jeux indépendamment de l’étape de développement. Un projet étudiant ou sortis cette année peut être inscrit.

Digital Game Manga Show

Up to 12 indie games will be playable on the booth. Registrations are opened to all games regardless the development stage.

REGISTRATION ARE OPENED UNTIL: 30/03/2017 on this form:

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